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Articulation Resources

These materials include:

  • Flashcards (printed and Google Slides)
  • PowerPoint Materials
  • Cariboo Cards
  • Sentence Level Practice
  • Dot sheets and smashmats
  • Functional home practice

Click links above to explore!

Language Resources

There are resources for:

  • Grammar
  • WH Questions
  • Story/narrative retell
  • Story companions
  • Vocabulary
  • Teletherapy materials (these can be used for non-teletherapy sessions as well!)


The handout tabs is full of resources for:

  • Disorders
  • Norms
  • Late Talker overview and exercises

These can be given to parents as needed. I like to give these handouts at the beginning of a treatment program and to update parents on goals and progress.


Please click the documentation tab to access materials for:

  • RTI
  • Private practice paperwork
  • Screening materials
  • Measuring progress materials
  • and more!

Parent Guides

There are 2 options for parents:

  • Articulation (how to say sounds)
  • Language (how to help your child say and understand words)


There are materials for:

  • Articulation materials
  • Screening materials
  • Parent "how to" guides
  • and more!