Private Practice Documentation

Intake Paperwork

First things first, each client must sign intake paperwork. Here are some of my favorites:

What To Expect Handouts

Coming soon!

Google Drive Documentation

To tell the truth, I switched to an EMR but below are some of my favorite Google Drive Documentation Templates


Click on a link to save your copies now. There are 3 different templates to choose from. 

Case History Form

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this case history form.

If you want a copy of the case history form, email me and I will make you a copy where you are the owner and no one else has access to it. Make sure you are using G Suite :)

Client File

This is my newest form of taking session data or SOAP notes. It has 3 tabs at the bottom to keep track of treatment plan, daily notes, and session overview/payments. Please watch the video before using.

Copy template here:  

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