Homework & Motivation Worksheets

All clients need motivation or structure. I currently use the worksheets below. Please download and use the handouts as needed.

*** Please don't print and give these worksheets to other colleagues. This breaks copyright laws and it just isn't nice.

Homework Sheets

Motivation Worksheets

My recommendation is to use these motivation tools if needed. Remember to keep it simple!

Brief Explanation On How To Use Materials


Of course, you can use the if/then worksheet for any way you see fit but I use for:

  • Behavior (if you do this, then you get to place this...)
  • Schedules (first, we are going to read, then we are going to write)

Speech Schedule

This is pretty self-explanatory! You can set up a speech schedule so your students know what to expect.

However, you can use this to practice sequencing as well. You can have your students or clients practice reciting the schedule to practice saying...

  • First, we are going to do...
  • Next, we are going to do...
  • Last, we are going to do...

I'm working for.....

This one is pretty clear!

Give your student or client a clear reward and place it in the big square. Once a child completes a desired task or behavior, he/she earns a star. Once he/she has all the stars, he/she wins the reward.

Weekly Report

Use the weekly report to communicate with parents about what has been happening in therapy and how to practice at home. Easy, fast, and effective!

Speech Therapy Badges

Use these badges to reward a student for answering a question correctly, saying a sound correctly, etc...

You can also give badges to show a student visually that he/she achieved a goal!

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