Progress & Screening

Use these screening materials to monitor and track progress!

Articulation Screening Tool

Recommended Use:

This is a non-standardized articulation screening tool.  On the data sheet, the sounds are listed on the left and the other 4 columns are reserved for recording errors at the word and sentence level. It is possible to record responses over two different days which is convenient for collecting pre- and post-treatment data. 

The phonemes are color coded by age. The legend is located at the end of the screening tool. This allows a user to quickly glance if a child is making errors that are expected for her/her age. The age ranges are approximate and were created after taking an average from various sources and clinical experience. 

The flashcards are divided in rows by sounds. The columns are divided by word position: initial, medial, final.  There are suggested sentences that a child could repeat to gather data on sound production at the sentence level. 

Language Screening Tool

Recommended Use:

I use this non-standardized screening form to help decide if a student needs a tiered language services and I use the form to track progress and help to decide if a child should move from one tier to another.

Articulation & Phonology

Language Development (0-5 years)

First Words

Google Sheets To Share Progress