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I use these cards ALL THE TIME! My favorite way is to read a story and give a child a cue card. After reading a page, the child with the "who" card answers the "who" question.

WH Flashcards - For Drill

Below are flashcards that can be used to introduce and review each WH question listed below.

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Functional WH Worksheets - Early Intervnetion

WHO Materials

WHERE Materials

WHAT Materials


If you have any requests for grammar worksheets, please email at bridget@speechtherapytalk.com. I will do my best to meet everyone's needs :)


*Just remember...you can use these worksheets as you see fit! You can print them and use them with your children, students, and clients. However, please don't share them with other professionals. It violates copyright laws and just isn't nice. If you like them, recommend this site!

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